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Profile - Colours of May Group Show

We are thrilled to be bringing you our first exhibition for 2024, at Art Nuvo.

The talents of two Melbourne artists, Chalie Macrae and Sara Paxton, along with local artist Roger Lane are currently on show at Art Nuvo.  There is a wonderful feeling of colour and calm in the gallery with this exhibition.  Chalie has her "Seasons" work on show - a feather like feel to her layers of paint, balanced with gentle tones, yet strking contrast.  Sara Paxton uses her Oils and Oil sticks boldly, in her landscapes, balancing light and relaxed colours with unexpected and delightful streaks of bold colour, making her paintings a beautiful addition to any art collection.  Roger Lane has been showing with Art Nuvo for many years and continues to bring us works that have an architectural eye. He is multi talented across all mediums and you will see drawings in charcoal and then bold large size almost pop art figures. His quirky townscapes and lighthouses also bring much delight. Get in to Art Nuvo to see what Chalie, Sara and Roger have created for this beautiful show! 

We welcome you to browse the show online or please visit us in the gallery as the show will run to Saturday 25th of May.  If you would like to purchase any works please contact Olivia on 07 5456 2445 or emaiil gallery@artnuvbuderim.com.au to easily arrange!