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Profile - Natasha Ruschka

Hi, I’m Natasha and I’m a Brisbane Australia based artist who creates colorful and painterly oil paintings. My passion for oil painting started when I lived in Colorado and immersed myself in the Denver art community learning to paint oils in the "Alla Prima" (direct painting) style.  I love the buttery texture of oils and enjoy the process of mixing colours in this tactile medium. Painting wet on wet is how I produce fresh, loose and visible brush strokes that give my paintings a playful energy.

Natasha Ruschka


I enjoy transforming simple life subjects into colourful scenes that are bright and happy and capture on canvas the often missed beauty around us.  Taking a simple object like a piece of fruit, a flower or a tea cup, and transforming it into a beautiful and interesting vignette with only oil paints feels like my very own superpower. Since returning to Australia the native flora and fauna of my homeland has been inspiring my work. I enjoy creating large expressive florals, light infused still life scenes and loose painterly landscapes.